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This Months Winner

In 2003 I gave up work to care for both my parents full time. In the beginning, I didn't realize how stressful the next 6 years was going to be and the negative impact it would have on my own health and weight. After both, my parents had passed away I had a complete break away from employment to gather my wits only to settle into depression and self-doubt. I knew it was time to get out of the house and find a job to give me purpose again, but my self-esteem was at an all-time low, I hated myself!

One day in early November 2011 I bought a set of digital scales and they sat in the bathroom for over a week before I had the nerve to step on. When I did finally get on them I could feel the blood drain from my face and honestly thought I was going to faint! I knew my weight had been creeping up slowly, and I knew I was squeezing (seriously) into a size 16, but I was heavier than my husband! I'm only 5' 3" and I weighed in at a hefty 98kgs!!! I cried for hours and hours. A few days later I was talking to my niece and she mentioned that she was on the HCG diet and what a miracle it was, not long after I was on the website purchasing my 40 day bottle!

My first week was torture, after all, I had been eating whatever and whenever I felt like it and I felt like it a lot!! But seeing the weight on the scales go down every day by a kilo just gave me the determination to stick at it, and after that week for me it was easy. My mood altered radically and I felt "clean" on the inside. I loved the food and I loved how much healthier I felt by not eating carbs and sugar. Up until then I hadn't noticed how bloated and sick I felt eating bread, biscuits, potatoes etc. At the end of the 40 days I had lost a whopping 28 kgs! I did the maintenance phase and lost another 1.5 kgs and kept my weight stable for just over a year. A couple of months ago I did a 20 day course to lose the final bit of weight to reach my goal. I'm now a healthy, happy 64 kgs! That's a total of 34 kgs of fat! Gone and never coming back!!! :) I feel great and I now know my limits, I respect food and I respect myself.

Deb Lydford (Stanmore Bay)

I now feel confident, beautiful and most of all happy!!

jennI have been a 'big girl', as people used to call me, for as long as I can remember. I was a competitive swimmer when I was in college and ate boatloads of carbohydrates everyday to keep up my energy for my training program.

When I stopped swimming I had no idea how I was 'suppose' to eat. I ate the food I was used to and put on a lot of weight. My weight escalated when I became pregnant with my son. By the time I gave birth to my son I had managed to get to 97kgs. Over the next few years, I managed to lose 7kg by over-exercising, taking weight loss pills and yo-yo dieting. It was a slow and painful process and I always put the weight back on. I had had enough. I was tired and I couldn't keep up with my now 3 year old. I was fighting a losing battle mentally and physically with my body. I had no self-confidence and I felt disgusted with myself everyday. I hated the way people looked at me. I knew I needed to loose the weight but I found it next to impossible.

My partner proposed on Christmas Day of 2011 and after seeing photos of myself I knew I needed to find a way to look my best on our wedding day. After joining countless gyms and working out until I was exhausted I still wasn't any lighter.
My husband to be and I had been trying for 2 years for a sibling for my son when we found out that my weight was the main problem that I was finding it so hard to become pregnant. I was heartbroken, depressed and completely lost on what I should do.

I found out about HCG from a girl I met on a wedding page who had had amazing results. I figured I may as well try it. I was so excited when I received the starter kit. I found the recipes easy to follow and they were all so tasty! Every single day I looked forward to jumping on the scales to monitor my progress (something I can honestly say I have NEVER looked forward to). I completed a 40 day course and can now say I have gone from 97kgs to a much healthier and happier 76kgs! I now find it easy to make informed choices about what I eat and no longer feel the need to be constantly snacking throughout the day. I owe so much to the HCG team for all of their support and motivation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back! I now feel confident, beautiful and most of all happy!!

Jenn Meehan

From a size 20 to size 12

pic1My name is Fatima and I would like to share with you, my journey to a new me. After I retired from my job as a teacher I moved to New Zealand with my family. I became depressed and I felt that I got old so life is over for me. I used those excuses to overeat unhealthy food and not exercise. Quickly after, I put on 20 Kg accompanied by lots of health problems. All my favorite dresses were too small for me and I was so disappointed. Then I started so many different yoyo diets but no success. Eventually, I gave up and accepted this is me a fat, unhealthy, unhappy person for the rest of my life!

Until few month ago my son bought me HCG drops that he had learned from Dr Oz program. I was not motivated to use it and my son insisted. After 50 days I have lost 18 Kg.It was so fast. Amazingly, unlike all other diets I kept my weight off by eating healthier and working out 3 times a week. My doctor is very happy and there is no nasty numbers in my check up results.I am able to wear my favorite dresses again,I dropped from size 20 to size 12.I feel young and energetic. Next week is my birthday on 23 of September and I will celebrate a new beginning.

I am able to wear my favorite dresses again,I dropped from size 20 to size 12.I feel young and energetic. Next week is my birthday on 23 of September and I will celebrate a new beginning.

I would like to thanks my son for all the support, also HCG New Zealand to give me a kick start to real me again.

Fatima Kamalpour



Lost 10kgs of unwanted weight!

Hcg diet ineke 1I lost 10kg. I am 5 foot and 7 inches tall, and now I weigh 65kgs. I did not follow the program exactly. Instead of strict 500 calories per day, I had between 700 - 900 calories a day. I did not eat exactly the "approved foods". In kept my diet as low in fat and sugar & starch as possible, but I ate a wide variety of vegetables, etc. I did walk about 45mins a day as I walk to and from work. I had recently joined a gym so was didn't want to give that up as I enjoyed the classes but did have to have a few extra calories on those days.

Now, the skeptics will say, "So what, with that kind of calorie intake, without the HCG protocol, you would lose over 20 pounds in 10 weeks anyway". Well, NOT so - for four reasons.

(1) without HCG, I could never have maintained that diet to begin with
(2) previously, no matter what I did, I was never able to lose 2 pounds a week steadily. I have a VERY healthy life style: eating lean, zero alcohol, hardly any sugar, minimum starch, about 1300-1600 calories a day and 1 hour of intense workout, and I STILL gained 2-3 pounds a year. Now, I am back to where I was before I started to gain weight steadily after I hit 23.
(3) I lost mostly fat. I have this nifty machine at home which not only measures weight but estimates body fat and muscle amount. Compared to where I was before, most of the weight I lost is fat: I only lost a pound or two of muscles/body water.
(4) I lost weight unevenly. My problem areas were thighs and upper arms. AND, this is EXACTLY where I lost most inches. For instance, I lost about 1 inch around my waist (I have always been lean around waist and hips), but I lost 4 inches around my thigh and two and half inches around the arm. Imagine, losing more inches around the arm than waist!!! My bra was a B cup before I started, and it's still B. I am not tired. I am full of energy. My skin is dewey and my hair shining.

Summary: The program works. And, there is more than one way it works. Though following the protocols exactly gives you the fastest result, those of us who do not have that much to lose and are patient enough to spend twice the amount of time losing the weight they want to lose, you could deviate from the strict path and still achieve the result. Caveat: this is my experience and the way my body reacted. Everybody is different.

Now, I will see whether I can maintain this result. I am optimistic. I have always had a very healthy life style and my eating habit was always very good. I do believe that HCG did something fundamental in the way that my body metabolizes the calories and fat.

I used to wear size 12, now I wear size 8-10, but the real difference is the fact that I can wear pants with slim thighs and sleeveless tops - the style I could not wear before and I can fit into all my clothes again.

Ineke Huysdens (Auckland)


Lost 8.3Kg on the HCG Diet

My story is a little different to most, I'm usually very fit & in pretty good shape but late last year after having
my first baby I discover what it was like to feel big & found it very hard to drag myself back into the gym when
I felt so uncomfortable. So after hearing from a few people about the HCG diet I decided to give it a go, jumping on the scales
each day seeing the number gong down each day was awesome & was exactly what I need to get back on track!
After doing the HCG diet I was 8.3kg lighter & lost a total of 15cm so has made it much easier to get back to the gym & on well on my way to being back in shape & I feel great :)

Katey Noble (Matamata)



Day 12 and already lost 6Kgs

Before hcg amandaIt seems like I have been dieting my whole life. Even when I wasn't dieting I was determined to eat whatever I wanted, so the constant focus on food has always been there. I have tried fasting, calorie counting, diet pills (for years) fad eating programs such as no carbs, raw food, vegetarianism, vegan, high protein (hard when you're a vegetarian...) all combined with hard out exercising at the gym, yoga, pilates, weight training etc etc etc...

My most alarming weight gain was reasonably sudden when I fell pregnant with my second child at 35. I suffer from hyper-emesis which means constant vomiting during pregnancy - 24 hours a day for 40wks! You'd think I would have lost weight? I did with my first child, I was 5kg lighter than before my pregnancy. But with the subsequent ones I had medication - lots of medication and lots of dry salty food (mostly hot chips or baked potatoes with butter and salt) to try and keep nausea at bay. By the time I had my son I had gained 36kg! Maybe more but I stopped weighing myself at 96kg as I couldn't stand to see the scales reach (or worse, go past) 100kg!

Then the depression set in. Everyone thought it was just baby blues but I had it bad. I didn't even recognize the person in the mirror, and being fat is HARD! Being overweight makes it hard work to do anything! If bending over to put on my shoes was difficult, trying to find something to wear that made me look good was impossible. I breast fed my son for a year... then back on the diet pills. These were the only thing that would curb my appetite and give me enough energy to keep going, but they made me feel horrible, spaced out and irritable. I couldn't even lose weight without drugs! But I lost a bit then went back for child number 3. Same thing happened except I ended up in hospital this time, and my weight ballooned! Again - I didn't weigh myself after getting near to that 100kg mark, but I was enormous. The depression came on earlier this time before I had my baby, and I was prescribed anti-depressants along with all the anti-nausea medication I was taking. Could it get any worse? Yes, it could. My marriage was not happy, and I ate to protect myself. I think I was trying to hide inside myself where I could be safe. My depression was at an all time high, and I had bad times where I couldn't leave the house or answer the phone... Only my closest friend stuck around, she saw what was happening and helped me get out.

That was two years ago. Over that time I have got a bit better. I still have a wee way to go, but I'm going to get there. I lost a bit of weight - I joined Roller Derby! Five hours of full-on cardio training in a full squat will do that! I skated for almost a year when I found that I wasn't performing so well anymore, along with the pain my knees weren't working very well and I couldn't lift my feet up. It felt like I was skating in flippers! Turns out I have early onset osteo-arthritis... so skating is not possible anymore if I want to keep my own knees for a while longer. Since quitting derby in November I re-gained 7kg and it is only February!

Two of my friends have had enormous success with HCG drops and kept the weight off. I want my life back, and I need to get my weight down to help my joints and my self-esteem. The idea of resetting my base weight has enormous appeal, I am so sick of the yo-yo effect of losing and gaining. I want it off, and I want it to stay off!

On day 12 and already lost 6Kgs.

Amanda Murray (Hawkes Bay)

Lost 26 Kilos so far!

hcg diet mtHi, my name is Mieke, I have been on an incredible journey over the past year. I have lost 26 kilos since last January and kept it of. Although I had been difficult at times without the support I would not have succeeded. I didn't realize how far I had let myself go, which in turn effected my self esteem. 

can truly say that with losing the weight it has begun to bring out my inner beauty and I now know I am worth taking care of myself. I went on my big OE late last year and discovered I needed new clothes. Although my journey is not finished yet as I have another 15-20 kilos to go, I know I will get there.

It's a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Mieke Tempest






Lost 15Kgs in 2 Weeks!

HCG before after pictureI'm 19 years of age and I have tried heaps of other defends diets, going to the gym 2 times a day and it just used to drain all my energy after so long so I always stopped and just went back to how I was before I started.

That's when I found out about HCG diet drops and I thought they were too good to be true when my aunt was telling me about how she started on them and it gave her more energy and motivation to do things and she had lost 15kgs in 2weeeks. She inspired to get the drops and I thought if she can do it so can I so I went online order the drops.
I'm on my last 2weeks of my diet and I have lost over 15kgs, my first week of doing the HCG diet I lost 8kgs I was so happy I feel more energy and healthy now then what I used to feel, I was writing my status on my facebook page on how I was going and how much I was losing everybody was amazed on how well I was doing and also keeping up with it, I got over 60 likes and people commenting what are you doing I want to do it too and I would just tell them HCG look it up.

I wake up early in the mornings go for walks and lite runs trying to get myself fit for netball session and waka ama.

My up's and down's: the hardest thing i found about being on the diet was not allowed to drink, my first 2 weeks was okay then the next week after that was really hard it was a hot day and we had Kapa Haka practice the whole day and all i could think about was going home and having a few cold ones and I thought to myself no stop making yourself think like that otherwise it wont go away and sure enough it didn't and by the time I got home i really felt like a drink so I went to the bottle store got me a 12 pack started to drink, drunk pretty much my whole box and then i realise what I was doing and stopped drinking and just drank water for the rest of that night I felt so stink for just drinking that night and I said to myself "that's it. No more cheating or doing anything else while my on the diet" so I pushed myself and i still haven't touched a drop and it feels great knowing that I can sit around my mates and watch them drink and not feel like one :)

The drops have helped me slow down on my drinking and all my fatty food. Eating KFC was another biggie but i have manage to not have any.

Rangihinemutu Rawiri (Wanganui)


Lost 6Kgs in the first 5 Days!

Hcg Diet Drops arHcg-Diet-Drops-arMy names Amiria and I'm a 26-year-old mother of 3 active, outgoing little boys. Aged 7, 6 and ten months old. After my 1st son I went back to my pre-baby weight but after my second I went on the depo and gained and gained. Over the past five years, I have struggled with my weight. It never came down no matter what I tried. I was a depression eater that five years of getting to my heaviest took over my life, confidence and my outlook on everything. I was a dance instructor and full of life and energy, but that person disappeared fast. I struggle with family issues and life, in general, was a massive hold on myself and personality. I reached a massive 94kg from a healthy 72kg full term with my first son. I fell pregnant with my 3rd son in 2011 and managed to lose weight while pregnant. It was almost like he was my hope for a new life and beginning. After I had given birth to him in April 2012, I managed to stick to my new weight of 83. But the usual kicked in again, and I let personal demons get the best of me. I slowly went back to 88.5. My children's Nan started the diet and the stories on here inspired me to try it to. I brought my round and started on high hopes. My first five days 2 of them loading days I lost just under 6 kg. I was so happy.

Then the following week another kg. But the next two weeks I did struggle I won't lie. But one thing I managed to keep my weight of. My main success through my 30days on it is I lost 22cm in body measurements which is a massive change for me. I realised the scales might not say much for you, but the tape measure does. I'm down two dress sizes and feeling so much better about myself. More confident happier and just all out pleased that I'm finally getting somewhere. My only struggles were the odd days feeling down and the hunger. But iv noticed when I eat high-fat foods it upsets my stomach which I feel is a good thing cause its made my body minimise my intake on the wrong foods and taught me a lot about what foods are good for you and what are bad. I have ten days left so I have started again today. My goal is to get down to my 70s.

Not only have I faced my demons I have come out a better outgoing, bubbly person again. I missed that person, and I'm so glad she is coming back to stay this time. To this day I'm down to 81/82kg iv managed to lose 7kg and keep it of. This is only the beginning of my new adventure, and it will be to yours as well. There is hope out there you just have to believe in yourself. No matter what struggles you feel through life, you are what you make of yourself not what you see in the mirror. It's not to late to change only an opportunity to re-right the story to your future. I live by my favourite quote from a song called phlex.


Smile and remember your worth it. :] cause HCG made me feel like a million bucks again.

A R Takarangi (Ruatoria, East Coast)



Down 21 Kgs with a new lease on life!

e hcg diet nzI have always loved my food! No matter how it came in a box, wrapped in tin foil or from my mum's pantry I loved it all. My friends and family call me "BIG GUY" this became a nickname for the last ten years, and I assumed it was because of my height (6ft 3in) but I became blind to the fact it was my height + my weight I had gained 40+ kgs and was still climbing.

I was not happy at all and reality kicked in for me when in the new year of 2013 we decided to take the kids to Rainbows End when sitting in the seats at the Fear Fall the attendant could not close the safety bar down. I told him to slam it down, but it hurt badly (my pride and my stomach) I told my six-year-old son he could go on this one alone. THAT WAS IT! That's when I made a promise this is never happening again. My little brother had lost 24 kilos using the HCG drops, and I enquired and went to see his friend, who was very informative and showed me the research. It was like a being given a second chance at life.

I started six days after New Years, and It was tough the first 6-7 days the hunger pains were terrible, but I was focused on the bigger picture at the end. My wife was amazing during this time she lost weight too only because she didn't want me to feel alone on this journey (she is on day 19 of P2 and lost 11kgs). So now I can proudly say I was 143kgs now 122kgs and still dropping, that's 21kgs on my first round, and I plan on doing a second round as soon as my maintenance is finished. I can run 10km easy without stopping, and the energy levels are off the radar.


Emjaye Edwardson (Rotorua)

From a size 22 to a size 14

Hcg Diet vanessaThank you for bringing these wonderful drops to nz; they're awesome!   So far I've inspired 5 people to try them, and they're all having similar fantastic results.  So, here's my entry to the makeover competition ...

Every time I walk past a mirror, I do a double take because for the first time in 8 years I can see "me" again.  Happy, vibrant, joyful, confident, healthy me!

For too long it felt like a stranger staring back at me, covered in kilos of discontent, overwhelm, tiredness and drudgery.  Kilos that have just sat there year after year.  I've tried to move them many times, but the goal always seemed insurmountable and the journey painfully slow and long.  And the excuses, I had many...too tired, not enough time, not enough money, more important things to do, I can't do it myself I need help ... and on and on the list went.

Then I stumbled across the HCG drops and diet plan.  This whole experience has been liberating, right from the get go.  It felt like bliss to let go of all the excuses, over thinking and indecision and just trust the simple following directions would result in weight loss (at the speed I'd always wanted but everyone said was impossible), and boy did it!

Every day felt like a victory when I stood on the scales and saw my numbers dropping.  Every day I felt more vibrant, energetic, healthy and happy.  I've  finished two rounds of HCG and lost 30kg; I calculated that losing this amount of weight at my usual pace (I have polycystic ovaries so it's slow) would have taken me well over a year!  As of this morning, my size 20-22 trousers are now a size 14, and that feels SO good.

Everything just fell into place for me with this diet, the initial hunger was short lived, and the returns made it easy to cope with (I don't mind feeling hungry for a week if I lose 5kg in that time). It has reminded me of how I love to feel and how the food I eat impacts that.  I now find it easy to say no to foods that don't make me feel good, or to stop eating at the right time.

So thank you The Hcg Diet it felt easy.  To anyone out there considering it, stop considering and just do it!

Vanessa Bevin (Christchurch)



Lost 13kgs!

Hcg Diet Nz Roslyn copyI have always been unhappy with my weight, although everyone kept telling me that it wasn’t that bad. I was moody, exhausted all the time and generally just grumpy because I wasn’t eating unhealthily but the weight was increasing. I saw photos of myself at a work function, and I was disgusted in myself. The weight had crept in “without warning” and one day when I weighed myself, I burst into tears. I was heavier now than I was at my biggest during my second pregnancy (and that was heavy).

My mum had told me about this diet that her friends were on and how successful they had been. Needless to say, I purchased the starter pack that very night and began the diet as soon as it arrived. I was very sceptical because of the 500 calories per day, but I can honestly say that I NEVER had a hungry day during the course of HCG. That, besides the weight loss, was a total mystery to me. Every day that weight was less and less and for someone who is used to seeing the scale go the other direction, it was a mini celebration each morning.

In the beginning, I would weigh myself, go sort the children out for kindy, then go back and weigh myself again- just to make sure. Experimenting with recipes was interesting- sometimes they were delicious, others not so successful but I recorded every meal and every gramme of weight loss to see the trend develop. Some meals revealed more weight loss so I stayed away from meals showing a very small weight loss each time. I stuck to the diet 100%- no cheats at all and I lost 13kg. I have kept that off for +/- 6 months now, and I am happier than I have been in ages. I still weigh myself every day, and if the weight is threatening a bit, I do my steak day- Marvellous trick!

Roslyn Hermitte (Auckland)



18Kgs in 40 Days

I am Hayley; I’m 28 years old, and this is my roller coaster ride to a better life for myself.

I was unhappy, uncomfortable and becoming unmotivated I would look at who I had become in the mirror and get upset. I have always struggled with my weight,  I was training at the gym five days, each week I would weigh myself and see the same number, it was becoming heartbreaking and depressing. While trolling on Facebook one day I saw that a couple of my friends were doing the HCG diet. I could see their struggles, but also the great results they had achieved. So I jumped on the HCG website read through and right there and then I made the decision to order the 40-day kit, I cooked my lunches and dinners every weekend to plan for my week ahead I felt this helped my eating habits transition a lot easier.

Day 1 was great; I was feeling positive and ready to go when I came to my first weigh in I have, to be honest, I was quite sceptical and expecting the worse, but when I looked down I had lost 2.4KGS  WOW,  this was awesome. After the first few weeks, I had lost 10.9KGS. But then I hit a wall for three days I hadn’t lost any weight, and I was becoming unmotivated again so I did the Apple day and sure enough I was back on track. By the time that 40 days had come around I had lost a total of 18 Kgs I still have more I would like to lose, but I am feeling happy and confident I will get there.

I owe a lot to HCG it's worked for me, and I hope my story will help other take the plunge to a better life for themselves.

Hayley (Mount Maunganui)



19Kgs Lighter!

Hcg diet nz kathleenMy names Kathleen, I'm a 35-year-old mother of two (5 & 10years), I have battled with weight for the last ten years or so and found that I just couldn't stick to anything.  November 2012 I decided that I had had enough of not being able to do stuff with my kids and do something about it.  I happened to find out about HCG from a friend who had great results who really showed to me that if she could do it (she had been in a car accident the year before), that there was no reason why I couldn't so I gave it a try, now 19 kilos lighter I have changed my whole way of life.

My job as an office manager means that I do very little activity and have found that I now enjoy going for my daily walk, I have stopped snacking on chocolate at work when I become stressed with my job and now drink water and green tea.  The main thing I have found is the positive comments from family, colleagues and friends.  I no longer suffer from acid reflux or eczema, one of which has plagued me since I was a child.

"I would recommend anyone to give it a go; the results will surprise you and change your life".

Kathleen Perrett (Stratford)





17.5Kg Lighter so far!

Hcg new zealand bonnie jobsI would like to start by thanking you all for this wonderful opportunity! I am 40yrs old and have Hashimoto’s Disease, an auto-immune disease that means my body’s immune system destroys the much-needed cells of my thyroid. Seeing that the thyroid controls the body’s metabolic functions (cellular, digestive, etc.) I have struggled with unwanted weight issues for more than 20 years.

I have 4 girls (14 -22yrs) and a gorgeous grandson (2yrs) and was finding myself hiding away as nothing fitted and I didn’t want them to be ashamed of their mother.

I have tried all kinds of diets, some from the Internet, some under the direction of my GP but nothing worked. After one particular diet, I was left feeling embarrassed when the pharmacist monitoring the Optifast diet accused me of cheating! In July of 2012 I discovered HCG and what a joy it has been! My starting weight was 87.2kg; I was finding life extremely hard with some basic personal hygiene tasks becoming increasingly difficult I knew it was time to give it one last chance.

I wasn’t looking to lose ALL my excess weight; I just wanted to drop enough to make exercise comfortable, to lose some of my tummy so it wouldn’t drag my pants down if I tried to run! After four weeks of strict eating I lost 13kgs, I felt amazing, and my friends really noticed the difference. I had the energy to play with my grandson, and I was at last able to run safely in the knowledge my pants wouldn’t need yanking up with each step. After the maintenance period, I joined a local boot camp group, increasing my overall fitness over the six weeks I enrolled for.

I am now two weeks into the second round of drops, I’ve lost another 4.5kgs and a massive 28cms and for the first time in years, I am under 70kgs. What an amazing feeling I can tell you!
I have so much energy I can’t believe it and even better.  I’m loving my food again. I take time preparing my meals, thinking of fresh herbs and spices to enhance natural flavours, my family are also unwittingly eating it too!

I have the confidence to purchase new clothes for the first time in years; I love the way my body looks compared to a short eight months ago, and it’s all thanks to HCG Diet NZ! I have a few friends who were sceptical when I told them what I was doing; they are now believers! In fact; some have also travelled the road to success with HCG.

Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity, it truly has changed my life and I’m loving it!

Bonnie Jobe (Hamilton)


15.7Kg Lighter!

Hi, my name is Samantha Fairhurst and I am 21 years of age.

Hcg diet nz 005After struggling with weight as a teenager, I became dependent for food not only as a meal, but I found I was comfort eating a lot.
After hearing about the HCG from my friend who was also doing this at the time and seeing what she had written on the website and the journey she was going through i thought it couldn't be true, i texted her and she told me everything i wanted to hear. so i rang my mum and told her check this website out and we sat down had a talk about it and both decided to  have a go, my mum has been dealing with the same issues as me and had been trying diet after diet with all of them a huge fail.

We made the payment, and I couldn't wait for my parcel to arrive in the post, I told my partner and he thought it was to good to be true.
So the day came where it finally arrived and i was right into it the next day. In 1 week i had lost a total of 5kg!! i was looking healthy and feeling $1000 dollars. It was good having my mum helping me through the journey I would look forward every morning to hopping on the scales when almost 4 weeks ago they were my WORST ENEMY!! I and mum would ring each other every morning and inform how much we had lost how.  We were feeling etc.. While on the HCG Diet I started to find it difficult with coming home and cooking my partner a yummy looking roast pork. I would struggle when we had friends over to watch the rugby or league while everyone was enjoying a nice cold beer after a long days work, but I pushed myself and found it wasn't so hard. I could enjoy some roast beef without the gravy, or i could enjoy having a drink with everyone after work, just a glass of water or 2 in a nice fancy wine glass. Unlike them after an awesome night with my friends, I would wake up the next morning feeling 100% but those days where I did struggle, my mum was only a phone call away if it wasn't for her helping me I don't know how I would be going to this day!

So when I first started this I was a whopping 99.5kg feeling depressed, and I hated going out of the house, and now I am 83.8!! I have lost 15.7kg, and I love myself!!!
My partner has noticed a huge difference in my self-esteem and has obviously noticed a change in my appearance!! I'm happy to go to the local and have a beer with my partner or happy to wake up every morning knowing how good I look and feel!

I'm looking forward to starting another 40days, and my mum also.

So HCG I want to thank you for helping me become a better me a more confident healthy woman.
Also, I need to acknowledge the support of my mum; she is amazing, and my partner without these two things would be a lot different.

Once again thank you so much.
I look forward to sharing my next journey with you :)
Here's to a healthy fitter me

Samantha Fairhurst (New Plymouth)


Lost 12.5Kgs in 35 Days

"I weighed 101.6Kg when I started. How did I get there? Very easily!"
hcg secrets carolI am 157cm (so short) and have been on numerous tedious diets. I am not a successful weight loser. I work, do my own house work, garden and go to vigorous cycling classes, so I am fit. I am also sociable, play golf, enjoy cooking and baking but seem always to say no to the normal things everyone else is eating and drinking. I felt like an absolute failure and envious of people who are fabulously thin. I am hypo-thyroid and on medication so I don't lose weight easily.
I can put on excess weight over the Christmas season, so I started HCG drops in December 2012 and lost an amazing 12.5kg over five weeks. I am now on the second set of drops and, in 3 days, lost another 1.6kg. The control is stupendous. I don't feel I want to devour whatever I see. The weight drops off every day so thanks to HCG for the excitement of weighing tomorrow. The fat comes from places where I have never managed to lose weight before. It is fast which is so motivating. People say you will just put it on if you lose too fast. I will put it on if I overindulge no matter whether the weight is lost quickly or slowly.

"HCG gives me the light at the end of the tunnel, and nothing tastes better than the success of losing weight."

Carol Versfeld (Auckland)




31Kgs lighter!

Erin hcg serets nzMy Name is Erin; I’m 25yrs old. I have spent the last 12 months recovering from a serious car accident where I broke my femur in many places among other injuries.

The accident left me unable to walk for three months where I proceeded to put on a lot of weight. It was hard enough dealing with the recovery and getting back into a simple day to day routine let alone the weight gain, I was getting quite depressed and turned into someone who stayed at home and didn’t want to go out(I was a very social person pre-accident). After the first round at day 43, I had lost a total of 15.9kg so far I had lost a total of 23.5cm from the hip, waist, thigh, upper arm and bust/back fat (cup size hasn’t changed!).

I was so encouraged by the diet that as soon as I could, I did another round losing another 10 kgs, I had a two-month break and am now half way through my 3rd round with a total of 31 kgs lost to date and still dropping. This amazing weight loss means I can now have an operation in August to remove the titanium rod in my leg with minimum risk and a lot faster recovery as not as much extra stress, and weight is on it. I have been asked by many people how have I lost so much weight? I am always so keen to share my experience on the HCG Diet, and many people I know have benefited just as much as I from doing it.

Massive thanks to the awesome team at for an outstanding programme and support team, you guys are legendary.


Erin Lobb (Stratford)



Lost 8.2Kgs and 28cm all over

My name is Tania Edwards I've been out of work due to a back injury for the last six years. In that time I had put on 20kgs.

I was searching the net and come across HCG, read all about it and thought sounds good. I will give it a go. I ordered my 26-day pack; I was very excited and also nervous due to the drop in calories. I started loading day 1 Jan 12th, 2013, loading day 2 Jan 13th, 2013. The first day of 500 cal, was very hungry by lunchtime and couldn't wait for dinner..not feeling good that day and so hungry.

Day 2 of 500 cal I started drinking coffee, (I'm a green tea, yerba mate tea lover) it seemed to curb the hunger feeling.I also noticed I was getting up 6 am ish with heaps of energy, BUT felt tired round 2-3pmish. I must say I did buy some sugar-free lollies had one every 2nd day was yum. By day 5 of the 500 cals I wanted to cheat or give up but I thought no keep going I can do this and after seeing the scales I lost 4.1kg and 13cm I said NO I can do this. Day 8 I didn't lose any weight. By day 9 of 5oo cal, I felt good, not hungry. Day 11 started getting comments from family, wow I said nothing, as I could feel the weight dropping off and my clothes were loose too, I was on cloud 9 and lost another 2.7kg = 6.8 by day 11. From there I had up to 3-day stints of no weight loss but still felt good and when I did loose weight it was 100grms - 600grms, I just thought well better than nothing.
Feb 4th, 2013, I stopped the drops and carried on the three days 500 cals, and total loss of 8.2kgs and 28cm all over. I was then off to Aussie for a week, so when I left for Australia, I started the maintenance phase, which I found hard. I wasn't focused so ate a few things I wasn't supposed to do?
When I got home, I was scared to look at the scales but to my surprise, Id only put on 1.2kgs. Phew, I was so happy. I have just started loading day one 16th Fb 2013 and start 500 cal Mon 18th Feb 2013 so excited to lose that last 5-7kgs, which should be a breeze.
Thank you so much to Hcg diet NZ for there support via email and Facebook. Also to the HCG users, I have met thru facebook. It's just so good to read how others are going on their journey, even tho there were some ups and downs through my journey, I've loved every minute of it And, my results are amazing as my hubby keeps saying. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone I know who is keen to try to lose weight.
Keep up the faith everyone cos it's all worth it, in the end, Take care all.

Tania Edwards (Auckland)


16.4Kgs Lost so far

My Name is Tanya
Tania Timo hcg secretsI am 46 years old with two children 10 & 7.  I have been on every diet imaginable from the Mayo diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watches & Atkins etc too many to mention.
It was October 2012, my Husband of 11 years had just left me for a younger version, and I was probably at the lowest point in my life, but at the highest weight. Even more than when I was pregnant, I was the fattest Mum at my daughters and son's school, and I was going down hill fast..  No energy, getting sick a lot and not fitting any clothes in my wardrobe, I was sick of only wearing jeans and baggy T-Shirts my only choice weighing in at 105.9 November 2012
A friend told me about HGC, and I went online and thought, WOW looks impressive, fast and great results especially the maintaining, which I had never done before.
So I got the 40-day kit, as I tell my friends it is only 40 days out of your life and yes I missed a few social things. But I was not going to let anything getting in my way to feel like a yummy Mummy again, and so I could keep up with my seven-year-old boy and my daughter would stop saying you have got a really big tummy and "why can't you wear pretty dresses like the other Mummies."
I started on a Thursday with Fat Loading oh that was fun fist two days after a little hard at first but at about day 3 or 4 I really felt a boost of energy and the freedom of not having to think about my options as it is so simple to follow.  Strawberries and water became my best friends.
I lost kilo after kilo and finally on the 40th day I had lost 15 kgs, I could not believe the difference.  I walked into to school, and people stopped me and said you look amazing!!! It made me feel like I had really achieved something, I felt great and looked great too!!!!!
Everyone had a huge laugh at my expense, but you will understand, it was the best feeling in the world, and you will see why!!!
I was walking up from the garden, and my trousers were way to big, but I had tightened them up around the waist (so I thought) well you can guess what happened, they fell down in front of my visitors, while I was holding a tray of glasses. I could do nothing but laugh, and I got a round of applause from my friends.
Once finishing my 40 days, I then was rather nervous as Christmas approached. I had come so far and did not want to go back there. I was determined to stick with Maintenance which I found was wonderful after the 40 days. I still had a lovely Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings and Birthday Bubbles on the 29th Dec. I was thrilled that. I managed over the Xmas period to lose one more kg. Now at 16.4 kgs in total, it has now been three months, and I have kept it off. Weigh in today 89.50 17.2.2013.  I have not been under 100kgs for over 12 years.
I have not had bread since as I have learnt my body just does not like it.  I try to eat naturally within the maintenance phase so have not had lots of artificial food.  Back to basics which I think HCG has given me, I was always full before I used to stuff myself now, I sometimes forget its lunch I make better choices and am enjoying light exercise and hope to start running soon??  Wish me luck!!
I am just about to start my next round; I would like to loose another 15kg to get to my goal.
I have a friend now on her 5th day after seeing my results
Thank you, HCG it worked for me, and I know it's going to work again and be my last diet ever!!!!  I know other stories inspired me I hope it inspires you, it's only 40 days out of your life and you could get your life back??  Do it; I'm so glad I did.
Wishing you all the success and happiness
Tanya (Auckland)

Total Loss of 20Kgs

Hcg Secrets sahshiI feel so good about my new weight; I had never thought I would lose so much weight and now look so much younger than my age.  I have lost almost 20kg which is a marvellous loss for me. I used to weight 92kg, and now I weight 72kg. 

I Still, need to lose another 5kg - my will power is very strong and I know can do it. I lost 10kg during my first phase and then took me some time in the second phase to lose another 10kg.  I am so happy I used the HCG diet program which has given me a new look.  So proud to be part of HCG.
Thank you, HCG. I Will always support the program.

Sashi Chand (Auckland)




Steadily lost 600-800 grams per day

I started my HCG Journey weighing 80kg,s and feeling very unhealthy and overweight, I had fallen into some very bad eating habits after the birth of my 2nd baby and was really struggling to get the baby weight off. A friend from work introduced me to HGC, with a great success story of her own, and I decided to give it a try. I started Mid Nov 2012 and found it challenging in the first week but after that, it has been a breeze. I found the food easy to follow and make and the key to success is ORGANISATION!!

Now I know that 11.5KG in 12 Weeks doesn’t have the headline effect of some people that lose huge numbers, but we all know, the more weight you have to lose, the easier it comes off initially.  I have found that for me I have steadily lost 600 – 800 gms a day and can’t wait to get on the scales each morning to see what the new total is.  The HCG diet is a diet that works.  I was successful through Christmas and able to maintain my weight loss as guided by the HCG booklet.

There are definitely days where I may gain a few hundred grams, and it can be disappointing, but I know that it is a constant cycle. The HCG guide has some tried and true plateau busters, etc. that really helped keep me positive, and I have been able to stick to my goals.  I am now at 68.5kg and feeling great. People at work are noticing, and it is the motivation I need to keep going with my new healthy eating and way of life.  I am Actually at the same weight I was on my wedding day and am striving to get to my goal of 65Kg.

So thank you Rose and The HCG Diet,

Bodelle Cross (Auckland)


10.3Kgs In 23 Days

aaina hcg diet nz 1Umm, Ok.. Where do I start from.. the most beautiful phase of my life .. of being able to create another life is where it all started.
Have always been a very healthy size ten small 12. I fell pregnant with my two babies really close apart. But things drastically changed with the severity of my complications during both my pregnancies, 1st being born at 31 weeks which was hard enough. And then being diagnosed with preeclampsia during my second pregnancy. Was hospitalised until the last day I gave birth to my beautiful n healthy girl. But my body took a toll.
I had gone from a mere 64kgs to a whopping 89kgs... by the time I realised wat had hit me, I was at my rock bottom in life with two young ones to look after and a totally different me. Was shattered and in pieces when I came across your site. I had nowhere to run but my husband who has been my best friend, my mother, my teacher, my companion. After I broke in front of him and cried for help, it was then I decided to give this a shot. Honestly, it wasn't so much about my weight n looks it was about what I wanted for myself and what I had become. They were just two different people.
Circumstances were harsh .. I was so vulnerable that I lost a grip on myself and happiness. It was unfair to my two beautiful babies who needed me the most and importantly happy so that they were content.
I can't thank that moment enough when I spoke to you guys (Damian) and went ahead with the purchase. You have no idea what difference you had made to my life and my family. You guys are unknowingly gathering blessings from a lot of people, trust me You have put smiles on woohoo many faces. Wow .. Cant thank you enough for making me what I thought of myself to be.
If I could have pulled it off with acute complications anyone can. Motherhood is not about compromise, it's about happiness and it shouldn't hold anyone back.
my starting weight on the diet: 74 kgs
my weight post 23 days: 63.7 kgs
Rose and Damian at the HCG Diet ----  You have made a difference in people's lives, You should be Proud.

Aaina Chahal (Auckland)


17Kgs lost in 40 Days
Hcg Diet CatherineI am 52 years old. Just after Christmas, my weight was 110kg - I had promised myself I would lose 20kg when my husband bought me "Sam" a Purebred Arabian horse, back in September. Needless to say, I hadn't lost any weight, and I needed to if I was going to ride Sam. I was sick and tired of feeling sick, tired and FAT.
In the past I had tried every kind of diet, you name it, I tried it - none of them really worked for me. I had no will power, and I love food and wine!
When I read about the HCG Diet - my first thought was that I could never survive on just 500 calories a day. Then I became sceptical that the drops would do anything - but then I figured "what the heck, I've tried everything else - why not!" I ordered the kit and started the diet on the 9th January.
The loading days were fairly easy though by the Sunday afternoon; I wasn't hungry. The first two days of the 500 calorie diet plan were hard, and I did get hungry, but then I thought about it only being for a month or so and carried on. After the first four days (including the loading days) I was down 2kg - I thought it was all fluid - from then on, though, the scales just went down every day - it was amazing to see. Three weeks into the eating plan the weight loss did slow down, but it didn't stop. I currently weigh 93kg after doing the Maintenance phase, and I can't wait to do my next round and hopefully get another 15kg off. Most of my clothes are getting too big for me now, and I need to go clothes shopping - a chore I hated before as nothing fitted me properly. I can't wait to go on a spending spree, but I think I will hold off until after my 2nd round. I will have to go through my old wardrobe for some "thinner" clothes in the meantime!
I started riding Sam last weekend!

Catherine E (Bulls)



Down 10Kgs in 24 Days

I had my first child in December 2010 and my weight was up and down all the time (mostly up!).  I gained 25kgs during my pregnancy (I sure lapped up the 'eating for two' didn't I hehe!) and while I wasn't overly concerned about my excess weight, as time wore on, it became apparent that I'd better do something!  Anyway, I didn't...haha! But late last year I finally realised that I NEEDED to be healthy for not only myself but for my son.
I used to dread the weekends, because, after a full on week at work, I'd be exhausted by the end of it... I dreaded needing to find activities to entertain my boy, and as a solo parent with no family in town, the prospect of being able to do something as simple as sleep, was non-existent. I KNEW I was feeling this way BECAUSE of my weight and my eating habits!  Don't get me wrong; I was never a junk food addict, I just ate at the wrong times of the day and was not exercising at all.
One day I had had ENOUGH.  I started walking to daycare and work, and up a hill, but I had a long LONG way to go!  My dreams of participating in Iron Maori this year were a long way away.....then....I found HCG - I don't know HOW... but I did...and it changed my life!!  
I'm a radio announcer in the Eastern Bay, and largely, the show I host focuses on life & style, health and wellness, and since I was already sharing much of my journey on air, and because I truly enjoy inspiring others to be the best people they can be, I thought it would be so awesome to do the HCG diet on air, and help others to lose weight and get healthy!
I immediately called you guys to discuss the possibility of doing this kind of promotion, and before I knew it, we were ready to go, and I even managed to get two other staff members/announcers to do the 'Live HCG Challenge' on air with me too!  I tell ya, being accountable to so many people was definitely something that kept me on track (not that it was hard hehe!)... but the momentous occasion, for me, was when I decided to reveal my weight on air - I never EVER thought I would have the guts to do that!!  But I did - because I had people listening, and expecting me to be as real as I could be... so I did it!
Waking every morning to weigh in was so exciting!! I lost 6.5kgs in the first few days, and all up. I lost 10kgs in 24 days!!  THAT IS AMAZING!! And it gave me the kick start I needed to help me get up that big hill with much more ease!!  My fellow HCGer here at work, Wiremu, lost the same amount as well!  He was such an inspiration at the age of 64yrs!  He and I also play volleyball together, and before HCG, we were probably the most unskilled on the volley court haha! But our first game back after New Years was AWESOME!! Our teammates couldn't believe it! And they truly thought we had been practising over Xmas...but no such thing! We KNOW it was because we were both 10kgs lighter EACH!!
Wiremu is also a HUGE advocate of HCG, and it was so very rewarding when listeners would call us to ask questions because they heard about it on air, or come in to talk to us in person, or, like in many cases, pick up the phone to order their kits!! I LOVED creating positive change in others, in my small way, and two months later we are STILL being asked about it!
By the way, I had an enormous amount of energy, felt awesome, and had little hunger pangs!!!  I found no challenge in the protocol AT ALL!  It was so EASY to follow, and keeping it simple was the best thing to do.  I also found that it taught me so much about portion control!  Eating only what you need, when your body really needs it!  I think that is key! Listening to your body!  HCG also taught me that meals were a 'part' of my day, not the highlight! And it would make me giggle so much when I would go to have lunch, and be finished it 2 minutes lol! I'd smile thinking "hmm. That's that. Now to get on with my day'.. loved it!!
And most importantly..... I came to LOVE my weekends again with my son!! I had so much energy to run around with my growing boy, and doing things all day every day was an absolute JOY!  THAT was the greatest reward - being a BETTER, HEALTHIER person for the little man who means the absolute world to me!  
So once again, thank you, friends!  You are wonderful hehe!!

Maria E (BOP)



16.4Kgs & over 70cms lost in 40 Days

We have all been called these names at least once right? They smack you right in the gut. What do we do about it? We hide away, eat, and watch television pitying ourselves.

Well, I’m proud to say I’m not that person anymore. My name is Kym. I’m a solo mother of two young children. Early childhood issues are what made me start to put the weight on.  I have always classed myself as the big girl, the un-popular one especially at family functions, school. I have tried diets, Shakes, Pills, gymming. Nothing worked. My mind was stuck in this lazy wonderland. I had to change and stop blaming others for me getting bigger and bigger by the day. 
Portion control didn’t exist to me eating till I felt sick was the way to go.

A friend told me about this diet she was on and how she’s lost weight instantly. I Googled The HCG Diet. Lynette and Lynley inspired me. Especially since they both came from my hometown of Matamata. The next day I ordered The HCG. Starting at 108.7kgs Going from as much food as I liked to almost nothing was hard. Morning weigh-ins were my motivation. Day-20 I had lost 8.1kgs, I was feeling great. I wrote all my updates on Facebook and inspired fellow Matamata folk also to start their weight loss journey.

Day-40 I weighed in at 92.3kgs. I lost a whopping 16.4KGs and 70cms…Over half a metre!!! YAHOO

I SWEAR 2013 and the rest of my life I WILL eat healthier, and I WILL feel good about myself on the outside as well as the inside. 

I’m currently doing a six-week programme at a gym and lost 17.6cm in two weeks. I will definitely be doing The HCG Diet again soon.  I am so happy to have inspired others to do this diet. My best mate and her partner have together lost 19kgs and still going. This isn’t just a diet it’s a definite lifestyle change.

I am so very proud of my results, and I wish everyone good luck x

Kym V (Matamata)



11Kgs lost in 20 days

Hcg Diet KatieMy name is Katie I am 27 years old. Growing up I had always been a small girl. When I was 18 years old, I was only 48Kg, and I am only 146 cm tall. I thought I would never gain weight but to my surprise the older I got I just kept gaining weight and every Kg I put on sure showed. My clothes started getting tighter; I was shopping for larger sizes, and I was also covering up more than I usually would.
OMG! I tried so many diets – you name it I have tried it, but all seems to fail on me. ( I even tried eating healthy and working out but that also failed because I got bored and I just wasn’t motivated, the scales didn’t change felt like I was doing so much and so little results. Then one day a friend at work recommended the HCG diet and in my mind, my initial thought was here it goes again. Another diet and no results. You can say I was the sceptical one so I did a lot of research behind it all before I had the courage to try it. But what really convinced me was, my other friend had tried the HCG diet too. But I didn’t know she had done it, she had asked if I wanted to try the diet she was on, she had just completed it, and she looked amazing so I asked her which one is it and she replied the HCG diet. Right then and there I decided yup this is it I’m going to do it. I saw the results in her. I thought if she can do it so can I.
That night I went on the website and purchased the 20 Day starter kit. Three days later it arrived. The moment of truth. I hopped on the scales, and I was a whopping 75Kg. I almost had a heart attack when I saw how heavy I was I felt depressed, but that added to my motivation for change, because I was getting married in February 2014, I need to start losing weight now, I want to look beautiful in my wedding dress.
On the first two days were the fat loading days. I was thinking to myself wouldn’t that just make me work even harder to lose weight if I’m adding all this fat on to me. Day one I gained 500grams then day two I loss 2.2Kg while I was doing the fat loading days, I thought I was dreaming. I thought my scales were wrong. I even went out to buy new batteries for it, and I even went to a friend’s place to hop on their scales I was truly amazed the HCG diet really works. I felt so happy, and this gave me more determination to keep going, and as each day passed, I was losing 500 grammes to 1 Kg a day. I thought to eat 500 calories was going to be hard, I must admit the first four days of starting the 500 calories was hard but after that it became easy I made sure I had weighed all my meat and pre-packed it so it was easy for me to come home and prepare my meals. I am now off the diet weighing at 66Kg and a total loss of 17cm around my waist after 20 days on the HCG diet. And I am still continuing to lose after coming off the diet because I have also changed my way of eating. I am truly grateful that my friends recommend the HCG diet now I feel amazing and beautiful. And my Fiancé sure loves the new me. I will definitely be doing the HCG diet again.

Thank you guys so much the HCG diet kick started my weight loss. 

Katie Mourn (Auckland)


Lost 17Kgs in 40 Days

Hcg Diet samantha 2Losing weight was definitely a breath of fresh air especially now that I have an active little eight-month-old son. When I purchased the 40 days, HCG drops in September 2012 weighed in at a hefty 125kgs I wasn't happy with the way I let myself go. I felt tired all the time and hated trying to find clothes that fit me right let alone look good in. I also wasn't looking for any surprises or miracle workers, but after doing the loading phase and eating healthier within a week, I had lost 5kgs!

I was utterly amazed and even better I was excited to see how my weight loss was going every morning. I felt like I was gaining more energy! The food definitely was my favourite part I never felt horrible about eating healthy nor did I feel bloated once. That was a bonus! It was also surprising how baggy all my clothes were getting and was receiving compliments on how good I looked. Another bonus! I have shrivelled down to 108kgs which in itself has been a proud achievement as it has been more than 11 years since I was this light and happy with the way I look. I have managed to maintain this weight for a good couple of months.

I still want to lose a little more, and I know I can do it especially after losing so much, but for now I'm more than happy with my results. Bye bye, 17kgs and HELLO new me!

Thank you sooooo much, HCG!!

Samantha Pokai (Papatoetoe)

Back down to my ideal weight

Hcg Diet NZ kathyrnWhen I was younger, I the attitude that I can eat what I want, when I want with no adverse affects. People were constantly asking me “where do you put it?” this was all well and good when I was 18, as I would walk or bike to get around, this made it easier to maintain the slim figure people always commented on.

As I started to age, (and started to drive) I noticed that the weight slowly crept on. Now sitting at 64kgs, I convinced myself this was a “healthier” me. At the age of 24, all the unhealthy eating caught up with me, and I developed gall stones, I put up with the pain caused by this for about year but still I couldn’t say no to the fatty foods causing it. The doctors couldn’t figure it out as I didn’t fit the usual criteria, none the less in for surgery I go. It was at this point I swore that I would not eat any more junk food after this procedure.. it lasted about a week, and I found myself back in the queue at the local fast food outlet.

A couple of years back (still sitting at 64kgs) I started dating my current partner, as he lived in Auckland and I was in Christchurch we would make time to see each other, a weekend here and there or occasionally a week or two at a time. During the time that we were visiting one another, we tended to rely on fast food for lunch and dinner as it was less time consuming. This may not have been so bad had I been exercising, but I wasn’t so of course, the inevitable happened, I went from (what I thought to be) a healthy 64kg up to a whopping 78kgs in the space of about 12 months.

My BMI put me in the obese category, and my total body fat was above 30%, this weight gain started to depress me, I didn’t want to get undressed in front of the mirror, and I didn’t want my partner looking at me naked, I was disgusted. I had friends joking about how I used to be slim, and now I look like I’m pregnant. These comments hurt, and it was also these comments that have given me the motivation to get back to an ideal weight.

A work colleague was trying the HCG drops and seemed to be achieving successful results. So I took some reading material home and looked into it further. Upon considering it for a week or so, I decided to give it a go. I sent away for my 26-day kit.

My weight upon starting the diet was 78.3kgs, the meals and portion sizes weren’t too bad. I didn’t feel hungry, and I wasn’t cranky. I really enjoyed experimenting with different HCG approved meals and even looked forward to preparing my meals for lunch. The only issue I had was that I saw my weakness advertised everywhere.. fast food .. on billboards, on the radio, on the sides of trucks, but against all odds, I managed to resist temptation.

By day 10, including the loading days, I had lost an amazing 4.1kgs. Day 15, another 1.1kgs down, by day 26 I had lost a total of 5.5kgs, I was now sitting at 72.8 kgs. I couldn’t really notice the difference by looking in the mirror, but my measurements told another story.



Starting: 78.3kg 13/01

After Maintenance: 72.8kg 24/02

Total CM lost


33.9 cm

30.3 cm

3.6 cm

Belly Button

100 cm

92.5 cm

7.5 cm


102.5 cm

98 cm

4.5 cm


109.5 cm

104.5 cm

5 cm


58.8 cm

48.5 cm

10.3 cm


85.6 cm

80 cm

5.6 cm

Even though my weight loss doesn’t seem as extreme compared to some of the stories that I have read, 5.5kg is still a huge loss in my books especially in the time frame it was achieved. I joined the gym during the maintenance phase of the diet and had committed myself to going at least three times per week. One thing this diet has taught me is portion sizes and healthier eating. I have been to McDonalds once but opted for a weight watchers meal as opposed to the double quarter pounder with mayo combo and extra cheeseburger that I would usually order.

With the wiser and healthier choices I have made when it comes to my diet, I am still losing weight. I am down to a healthier 72kgs; that is a total weight loss of 6.3kgs to date. I have gained a new-found confidence in myself, and I can say that my partner is a very happy man lol.

My journey is still continuing, but I have the confidence and the motivation to keep on going, nothing will stop me now. I believe that if I hadn’t tried the HCG diet, I would still be struggling with my weight and my confidence. I would highly recommend this to other people committed to losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.

My new outlook on life is Nec primer nec opprimi - Neither to oppress nor to be oppressed.


25kgs lost in 40 Days

Hcg Diet nz taniaI am a 40-year-old woman who can’t remember the last time I was under 100 kilos.

I worked with children and was starting to feel the aches and pains off being overweight. Apart from the obvious “no clothes fitting, unfit, low self-esteem, pressure on my body joints, the list could go on”.

So when I heard about the HCG Diet via a friend I thought “WORTH A TRY”. Both my daughter and I took a 40-day journey with ups and downs before steering down a new pathway with a new prospective on life.  I couldn’t have been more over the moon, changing my eating habits I have had for most of my life, to eating habits that have transformed my life for the good. Setting small goals along my new pathway, I started to walk daily and as I got fitter I wanted more exercise from swimming to running but discovered the weight loss would slow down, so I re-evaluated and stuck with brisk walking.

As each day came to an end, the excitement of waking up in the morning to discover my new figure was “PRICELESS”.  5, 10, 15, 20 then my final weight lost 25 kilos. That’s 55 pounds of butter. (could you image seeing that in a trolley) my hubby gave me his weights to carry up and down our stairs, and I was astounded off what I use to carry around.

I now feel amazing, look younger and most off all am enjoying my new life, I send a heartfelt THANKYOU to the inspirational stories online, support people and the founders of the HCG.

Tania Collingwood (Taranaki)


Down 18kgs With a New Healthy Body & Mind

I've lost 18kg so far and feel amazing. I can't believe how many comments I'm getting about how good I look and how much weight I've lost. I've always been told it takes 21 days to create a new habit, and I understand that now although I'm not sure I could have done it without HGC making me feel full. It was strange feeling hungry in my stomach with some odd pains, which I realised eventually was hunger but my head telling me, I don't need it. I'm not listening to my stomach instead of eating just because and I don't eat nearly enough.
A low was wanting to exercise but knowing that by about nine at night I was shattered so a walk was as much as I did. It was worth it, though.
Getting on the scales was addictive and exciting. I had two plateaus were hard to see on the scales, but then I lost 3 or 4 kgs the next week. I'm still drinking a heap of water, and I've learnt I actually like salad and vegetables without any flavour. I have spread the word; my friend started this week after I told her how good it was and she lost 1.5kg on the 1st day.
I've also accepted that I just can't eat what I want, when I want which was a habit I'd gotten into, after all, healthy body healthy mind.

Danielle Bridge (Auckland)


8kgs lost in 2 & 1/2 Weeks

Jules Hcg Diet NZI gained a lot of weight over the 375 days I had quit smoking,  I was exercising, dieting and having no luck shifting my weight,  which of course led to problems in my relationship, self-esteem, depression and self-worth.

I think I was rewarding myself with too many bad foods to replace the "good feeling" that had come from a ciggy for 20 years.

I researched the HCG diet quite extensively before deciding I would give it a go and will admit that I was extremely sceptical of what the results would be.

After an easy 2.5 weeks, I had lost a mind-blowing 8 kilos and decided that was enough as I was feeling back like myself again.

The biggest thing I have gained from this diet is not actually the weight loss, but more the awareness of what I was putting into my body and the bad choices I was making.  My home life is back as it should be, and all the old clothes have come back out of storage and back into my wardrobe!

I am now counting calories, exercising daily and have lost a total of 10.5 kg, still going strong thanks to the great start the HCG diet gave me.

Jules Conan



13Kgs in 22 Days

Livia hcg dietMy name is Livia, and I am a 22-year-old female. I used to be a healthy 73-5kg, under three years I managed to go up to a whopping 98kgs.I ate and ate and couldn’t stop myself, even if I was full I would go back for a second serving.

When I hit 98kg, I hit rock bottom... I felt uncomfortable having to go out with friends as I felt as though I was always the “large” one. I was extremely unhappy.  I disliked my body a great deal. I stayed clear of malls and anything to do with trying clothes on. Every time I did try to go shopping, I would walk away not having bought anything and feeling fat and gross.

I managed to lose 5kg while starting to walk my puppy (he is my little life saver). This dropped me down to 93kg; this is the weight I started the HCG journey on.

Under the past 22 days being on this diet, I have lost 13kgs. I am down to 80kg, and I only have ten more to go before my goal weight! I have tried many diets before. This is the only one which I have “enjoyed” the only one that has shown results. I have had no hunger pains, I don’t feel like I am starving, and I haven’t had any headaches. I get up at 5:45 am every Tuesday and Thursday, and I take my puppy for a 4km walk, I am so fully of energy that even on the weekends I have to go for nice long walks.

 I won't say it's been easy as, my willpower was tested at the beginning, but I did it! I managed to get past the evil little voice inside my head telling me to give up, and now, there is no way I am giving up!

The HCG diet has changed my life around forever. I am exercising, eating healthy freshly prepared meals, I am back to my normal self, and I can go to a mall now without feeling fat and gross. This wasn’t only a 40-day commitment; it is a lifetime commitment. I know that when I have finished taking the drops, I will never go back to the weight I was, the HCG diet taught me how to make healthy meals, and that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

Thanks to HCG diet, I am a happy, confident 22-year-old girl, enjoying life and feeling great!"

I have had 20 people on my facebook message me asking about how they could get a hold of the HCG diet after they saw my before and after pictures, so I have passed them onto you, I have a handful of friends who have brought the diet from you after they saw my results :) Thank you so much for bringing this product to NZ , you are changing so many peoples lives :)

Thank you ,

Livia Forian (Auckland)



Lost 13.6Kgs and 50cm all over.

HCG Diet NZ Amanda WrenI have just ordered the HCG drops - the 40-day program! (Only a few weeks ago it would have been the 26-day program - but I'll get to that) I cannot wait for it to arrive!

It seems like I have been dieting my whole life. Even when I wasn't dieting I was determined to eat whatever I wanted, so the constant focus on food has always been there. I have tried fasting, calorie counting, diet pills (for years) fad eating programs such as no carbs, raw food, vegetarianism, vegan, high protein (hard when you're a vegetarian...) all combined with hard out exercising at the gym, yoga, pilates, weight training, etc. etc. etc...

My most alarming weight gain was reasonably sudden when I fell pregnant with my second child at 35. I suffer from hyper-emesis which means constant vomiting during pregnancy - 24 hours a day for 40wks! You'd think I would have lost weight? I did with my first child, I was 5kg lighter than before my pregnancy. But with the subsequent ones I had medication - lots of medication and lots of dry salty food (mostly hot chips or baked potatoes with butter and salt) to try and keep the nausea at bay. By the time I had my son I had gained 36kg! Maybe more but I stopped weighing myself at 96kg as I couldn't stand to see the scales reach (or worse, go past) 100kg!

Then the depression set in. Everyone thought it was just baby blues but I had it bad. I didn't even recognise the person in the mirror, and being fat is HARD! Being overweight makes it hard work to do anything! If bending over to put on my shoes was difficult, trying to find something to wear that made me look good was impossible. I breast fed my son for a year... then back on the diet pills. These were the only thing that would curb my appetite and give me enough energy to keep going, but they made me feel horrible, spaced out and irritable. I couldn't even lose weight with out drugs! But I lost a bit then went back for child number 3. Same thing happened except I ended up in hospital this time, and my weight ballooned! Again - I didn't weigh myself after getting near to that 100kg mark, but I was enormous. The depression came on earlier this time, before I had my baby, and I was prescribed anti-depressants along with all the anti-nausea medication I was taking. Could it get any worse? Yes, it could. My marriage was not happy, and I ate to protect myself. I think I was trying to hide inside myself where I could be safe. My depression was at an all time high, and I had bad times where I couldn't leave the house or answer the phone... Only my closest friend stuck around, she saw what was happening and helped me get out.

That was two years ago. Over that time I have got a bit better. I still have a wee way to go, but I'm going to get there. I lost a bit of weight - I joined Roller Derby! Five hours of full-on cardio training in a full squat will do that! I skated for almost a year when I found that I wasn't performing so well anymore, along with the pain my knees weren't working very well and I couldn't lift my feet up. It felt like I was skating in flippers! Turns out I have early onset osteoarthritis... so skating is not possible anymore if I want to keep my own knees for a while longer. Since quitting derby in November I re-gained 7kg and it is only February!

Two of my friends have had enormous success with HCG drops and kept the weight off. I want my life back, and I need to get my weight down to help my joints and my self-esteem. The idea of resetting my base weight has enormous appeal; I am so sick of the yo-yo effect of losing and gaining. I want it off, and I want it to stay off!

Amanda Wren (Matmata)


20 kgs Lost in 40 Days and still losing

I first heard about the HCG weightloss drops from my niece who had a friend that used them and had great success. I can honestly say that I've tried nearly every diet that's ever been written, only to lose a few kilos then have it all creep back on, so I thought why not try these too. My start weight was 97kgs (the heaviest I have ever been) and after three days had lost 3.6kgs!!
That was enough to give me the motivation to keep at it! After finishing the 40-day course, I had lost 20kgs! I've had a two-month break without the drops and have lost a further 3kgs. I'm now about to start another course to lose the last 12kgs.

This is by far the best system I have ever tried, it's so easy, no constantly going back to the book to see what you can or can't eat and the constant weight loss is amazing! I was pretty stoked to see the fat melt off my stomach, bum and thighs and hardly any of my face, as an older woman (54) that's the last place you want to lose it! Oh, and the "girls" haven't got smaller either which is a real bonus! I feel amazing! I wasn't hungry at all, and it has changed my mindset too, no more mindless eating, no more sore joints and no more heartburn!

Deb Lydford (Whangaparaoa)


14kgs in 23 Days

Lynette ALynette-Amy name is Lynette Atkins, and I am a 25-year-old midwife. I have been ‘a big girl’ for as long as I can remember, and I’ve Yo-yo’ed for the last 15 years.
I’ve tried everything to shift my weight. Shakes. Special meals. Low Cal. Appetite Suppressors. “Gymming-it’ up to twice a day. Laxatives, and even starvation. All of these methods worked for a brief moment, and then I found myself back in old habits, and comfort eating. Eventually, I had resigned to the fact that I would be fat forever.
In January this year that I was diagnosed with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This was a huge shock for me. Being told there was something wrong with me because of my size, was heartbreaking. I was so disappointed in myself.
Working as a midwife, I deal with pregnancy and babies every day. I am fully aware of how obesity and PCOS affect women wanting to have children. I have not yet had children but is definitely in my near plans. I decided something HAD to change.
I went to see my doctor, and his advice was to lose weight, but his only suggestions were things I’d tried already.

In August this year, my sister introduced me to The HCG diet.
On the 24th August, I weighed in at a whopping 109.5kg. This was my first loading day. 20 days later, I had lost 10kg. I had reached my first goal and was finally less than 100kg. This is something that I never thought possible. I can’t remember the last time I was less than 100kg.
I feel as though I have been given my second wind. My confidence has soared. I finally feel comfortable in my skin. I love to get up in the morning to jump straight on the scales to see my efforts beneath me.
I’m looking forward to getting started on my second phase of HCG. While I have lost 14kg already, I still have a lot of weight to lose before my BMI is considered to be ‘normal’.
I’m looking forward seeing what the slim me is going to achieve. The fat me has long gone!!

Lynette Amy Aitkens



Lost a total of 12Kgs and Feeling Fantastic

Lose 12Kgs 1I am a 50yr old mother of 3 grown children and am a nurse/farmer.I turned 50 this year thinking that being overweight went with getting older! I have been dieting my whole life and am a weight watchers lifetime member. I learnt about the HCG diet while on a ram buying trip as the rep had done it and lost a lot of weight and kept it off. What made me really interested was the fact that you didn’t have to exercise – my daughter was recovering from a serious car accident where she broke her femur and as a result of not exercising had put on a lot of weight – this sounded perfect for her.

I turned 50 this year thinking that being overweight went with getting older! I have been dieting my whole life and am a weight watchers lifetime member. I learnt about the HCG diet while on a ram buying trip as the rep had done it and lost a lot of weight and kept it off. What made me really interested was the fact that you didn’t have to exercise – my daughter was recovering from a serious car accident where she broke her femur and as a result of not exercising had put on a lot of weight – this sounded perfect for her.

I went home, looked it up on the computer and rang my daughter – it sounded too good to be true. We were so excited!
When the drops arrived, we took photos and measurements and started the next day.
We rang or text each other every day after weighing, and I've blown away at how easy it has been and how much weight we have both lost – without losing energy – (a biggie for me as I work on the farm). We have just started maintenance, and I have lost a total of 12kgs and feel fantastic!

My husband can’t believe how quickly I lost the weight and how its changed me physically and mentally – (and still, have the same bust size – as promised). For once I am looking forward to summer and can’t wait to dress up and go out instead of hiding in baggy clothes.

I can’t thank you enough!



The Lightest I have been in 10 Years

KJenkinsI have been on an amazing journey this past month, and I am a week away from completing my first 40 days of the HCG diet.

I first heard of the HCG diet from a family member, seeing her and the results was enough for me to give this one a go.  I thought I had nothing to lose, I have tried a number of diets to lose weight, would lose 5-6kg and then struggle to shift anymore, no matter what I did. Then it all creeps back on and some. I honestly felt this was me, live with my weight.

So, when we got back from our holiday, I started the drops.  I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.  With each loss, my confidence grew and to some degrees my own self worth.

Last weekend, I went shopping in my wardrobe!  How exciting!  I was able to wear clothes I haven’t worn in over 7yrs!  I’m the lightest I have been in 10yrs.  So very satisfying to give away my bigger clothes that no longer fit!  It’s an amazing feeling!
My husband loves to buy me lingerie, which we haven’t done for at least 3yrs – the last purchase he brought me, I haven’t worn because they were uncomfortable and really didn’t fit.  I kept saying I would one day. Now, I’m back wearing lingerie sets!  I have cleaned out my draws and have only the items that I plan on to continue wearing.  So exciting!My heaviest  was 101kg (I cringe looking at photos), I am now 87kg.  I would still like to lose another 7-10kg – I am definitely going to do another 26 days to reach my goal.

I really couldn’t recommend the HCG diet more highly, it is so easy.  I haven’t felt hungry or tired.

Give it a go, you have everything to lose ( in a positive way):)

Karyn Jenkins (Paraparaumu)


Lost 16kg in 40 Days

My name is Melanie Gregoire.

MelanieGbefore and afterWOW, what a journey my LIFE has been...
I will cut a long story short; I am 28 years old. I am married with four children at the ages of 4,5,7,8; life has so many challenges for everyone!! For me, the biggest has been my marriage in the past, also my WEIGHT!!  I have never been a slim woman.

When I had my first child I didn't care about putting the kilos on as I have always loved food and believed when I'm carrying my babies "my baby tells me what to eat, I would EAT it!! I didn't realise till after my second child that I was over weight? At 109kgs then I did something about it.
Some real hard training and a lot of time I managed to lose a few pounds. Then I fell pregnant with my third child, and again I ATE & ATE!! Without losing the weight I had gained, I then got pregnant with the fourth child !!!!!

Goodness me, after many many ways of dieting for many years. I found an awesome product called the HCG diet!! I told myself "not another diet" But there was something about this that it was going to work for me. I said to myself the days when we go to the park... The days when we go for dinner.... The days we go to the beach..... The days we go on holiday.... The days when I go shopping..... etc........

In the last few years,  I have had so many times broken down. I Felt so angry with my self and seriously was not able to cope day to day with raising my family, all because I was over weight and felt uncomfortable, a "memory" my husband was taking me to the beach with friends, I didn't know what to wear.
Well, I couldn't wear togs as I didn't feel the confidence, so I put a t-shirt on "BUT the sleeves were too short, and I didn't like too much of my arms showing? So I put my cardigan on "why did I wear black to the BEACH "I  was all in black!!!! On a hot summers day. I couldn't believe it, but I realised that's all I had in my drawers BLACK "black makes you look slimmer!!!! I told myself I hate black; that's not my colour...  So that's an example of being over weight and uncomfortable.

I thought I'm going to give The HCG Diet a go; I know it is going to work because I researched it! I was truely amazed!!! I then said to myself "I have to make this work, this time, this is going to be the last diet I go on."
I then went to bed extremely excited; it was like I had already lost the weight.  I had to tell my sister about it as she also has struggled with weight issues, she thought it sounded fantastic; she asked "when are you going to start"  I replied "next pay day" She said, "Mel this sounds so great we need to do it now!!"
She kindly brought me the HCG drops!! I was over the moon, so we started together!! Wow!! Starting weight at 94kgs, the first-week things began to happen. I couldn't believe it. In 7 days I weighed in at 88.9kg at this stage it was so exciting.
I was getting up at 5 am to weigh myself!! Believe me; that's just the start!! Then as I got into my second week, I started bending the rules a little (I got a tad comfortable) So I had a little extra at meals then there was a stall.
I then found out when you do this you don't meet half way you go all the way!! So back we go to the little book of excitement. Following the guidelines and then the pounds started coming off again, people started noticing, and I was feeling great, I said to my sister I've been writing a craving list..... I read it out, and it went on and on and on........ I couldn't wait to finish my 40 days to enjoy my craving list...... 2 weeks went by....... Now that craving list is in the BIN!! Because I realised that list is what got me into a depression for so many years, I am so proud to say I have gone ALL THE WAY  to complete the HCG diet and my lifestyle for the rest of my life is to eat in a mature manner, and to stay healthy!!!
Leaving this experience weighing in at 78kgs. With a total loss of 16kgs!!

Melanie Gregoire (Hamilton)


11.9kgs in 35 Days

lyn001I have loved the HCG Experience as a whole.  It has been the only diet I have done, that is motivating daily, so many times I have slipped up on other diets because it is a long slow process.  BUT NOT THE HCG DIET.  The rewards are DAILY.  Since I became a teenager and my body started changing ( I am now 30) I have struggled with my weight especially in my stomach area where my stomach is covered in scars from different operations from throughout my life.  I feel like I have a Bum on my stomach, is how I would put it. My scars stay in and the fat grows around it.  But thanks to the HCG Diet I am leaving my front bum behind.

I have found finding different foods very easy and have used the recipe book that came with my pack a lot, making and trying different salads, meats, dressings.  I also got my steamer out of my cupboard dusted it off (lol) and used this daily, a very easy way to cook meats with no fats or oils. It was hard for the first week feeling hungry, but I think my stomach shrunk fast, as it very easily becomes easier to eat smaller meals.   I absolutely loved waking up every morning scrambling out of bed to see how much weight I have lost for that day and my total weight.

I started this diet at 89.5kgs. After finishing The HCG Diet, I weighed 77.6kg a total loss of 11.9kg in 35 days. I am now a few months down the track and with the correct eating(most of the time). I have managed to keep all my weight I lost through HCG off. I even felt good enough to wear a Bikini to the Beach this year for the first time since I was a teenager.  IT FELT GREAT, and to get a tan from head to toe made me feel even better. I do fluctuate every few days between 77.5 and 79.5, but I am so pleased with the result and plan to do another round very soon to get the last 10 kilos I want to shed.  I am so grateful I found HCG it has been an amazing Journey, and I have recommended and will continue to recommend this diet to anyone that will listen to me.  Thanks, Rose!

Lynley Tappin (Matamata)




14.8Kgs in Only 30 Days

Hi my names Jared Thompson

JaredI would like to share my journey on the HCG Diet.
JaredMy partner bought me the HCG Diet to help loose weight for better health and healthier lives with our two beautiful children.
Before starting the diet I weighed 122.6kg, I started on the 1st of September doing a 40-day course.
On the first day of the healthy eating I weighed in at 123.8kg, I had gained 1.2kg on the loading phase.

My first initial thought was; is this going to work for me, on the 4th day when weighing myself I was scared to look if it was a loss or gain.
I was so happy to see I had lost 2kg over night. Now I was standing there thinking wow how does that work, same thing the next day
another 2kg had gone. Standing there loving the results it had only been five days including the loading day and I had lost 4kg already I was STOKED. By the end of the first week, my pants were already falling, and my shirts were no longer tight. In the second week I started feeling a little more hungry and have had times where I have eaten a little out of diet and had small weight gains of 200-500grams, but when I eat foods out of the diet, it makes me feel sick and wishes I never ate it lol.

Almost every day I loose about 800grams to 1kg. I am extremely happy with the result am now on day 30 and lost a total of 14.8kg as of this mornings weight been 109kg.
I love how everybody is noticing and love my new look, more weight to come off as my goal is to get down to 90kg so still a little way to go but results are showing.

Jared Thompson.


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