Feel like you have tried everything to lose weight but nothing has worked? Or stuck trying to lose that last bit of stubborn weight?

If your goal is to achieve a rapid weight loss result, with a high degree of success, then the HCG diet is just the plan that can help you get there.

The HCG Diet has three important phases. There are a series of guidelines that you must adhere to ensure you have the maximum amount of weight loss in the shortest possible time. Typically you will see results within the first 2-4 days when looking down at the scales.

Along your weight loss journey, we will be there every step of the way. Our success coaches can be reached through our free phone number and email support. We also offer private community support through our HCG Diet Forum and public discussions through Facebook. Allowing you to reach out whenever you need it. As well as weekly emails checking in on you with tips, advice and giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and get one on one coaching.

The Phases of the HCG Diet.

Phase 1

The initial phase of the HCG diet is commonly called the  “Loading"  phase. This phase is the first two days of the diet.  During these days high fat foods are consumed while trying to avoid foods high in carbs and sugar.

This includes things like avocados, which have natural oils, and red meat, or fatty fish. Take away foods are acceptable here. You must eat until you are "very full". The HC-Slim drops are taken three times per day as per the required dosage. The purpose of this phase is the load the body with high energy foods (fats) that will be burnt off in the first 3-4 days. Incorrect loading or missing this stage can result in feeling hungry in the first week.

Phase 2

This is the main phase of the HCG Diet and can last anywhere up to 50 days. During this phase, all fats, oils, almost all carbs and sugars are eliminated from your diet. This is where you will start to see some really exciting results. Weigh yourself everyday to keep track of your progress. On average you should lose 250-350+ per day. The drops are taken every day as per the recommended dosage.

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A typical day on the HCG Diet.

Breakfast: Fruit, Tea or coffee. Sweetened with Stevia

Snack: Approved Snack + Orange

Lunch: Lamb (seasoned with Cajun Seasoning) Salad. 100 Grams of Lamb + 2 Large cups of salad or veg)Or Approved HCG Meal Replacement Shake)

Snack: Approved Snack

Dinner: Baked Cajun Chicken (100 grammes) and Garlic Greens

Drink 2-3 litres of water per day.

Phase 3

This is the final stage of the HCG Diet. Known as the maintenance, it is an important step in maintaining your new weight.
Here you will stop taking the HCG Drops and consume around 1500 calories of good clean food. But slowly re-introduce foods such as rice, pasta and good fats. This phase lasts for three weeks. After the three weeks has been completed, you may if you wish, begin another round of HCG.

Along your journey, you will learn how easy it is to make simple, healthy meals and to how to keep track of your calorie intake to help you stay at your goal weight for the long term. While still being able to enjoy the treats we all love.